I get asked the same sort of questions quite often so thought I’d share those with you – and the answers of course!

How do I give you work?

We’ll agree this when we start work together to make sure it works for you. It might be you prefer to email, or maybe use WhatsApp to send voice messages. We can of course, figure it out as we go along to find what works best.

How do we communicate?

I love speaking to clients and everyone’s different. Some prefer a weekly call and some only want to chat when they’ve got a more complicated task. I also have clients who send little videos explaining what they need as it’s quicker for them than an email. Genius! We agree what works for you and do that. It’s also easy to refine as we get to know each other more.

Can I book your time for a certain amount of time each month?

Absolutely! This is my preferred way of working. This way both you and I know how much time we have to play with each month.

If I want you to I use a particular system, will I have to pay for you to get familiar with it?

Generally no. I love learning new systems and pick up things quite easily. If it’s a highly specialised system and I’m unlikely to use this with other clients, then we can have a chat and find a way that works for us both – I’m all about the win/win and clients usually appreciate that approach.

How do I know what you spend your time on?

I will send you a breakdown at the end of the month. One of my clients recently said this was fantastic and helped her get a real sense of how long tasks took and how much quicker I was than her!

What if I need to get organised before I can give you anything?!

Haha – I hear this one a lot! And it’s just not true! So repeat after me… “I know I’ll feel instantly better once I’ve handed stuff over!”

It’s either that or continue in a tailspin for days. So breathe and think what 1 task will make the biggest difference to offload right now.

How often do you bill?

This will depend on the package we agree would be best for you. Eg. If you decide upon a 10 hour monthly retainer package, then I’ll send you my bill at the beginning of the month for payment. Or, if you feel that you would like more flexibility until we find our feet with each other, I’ll send you my bill at the end of the month for payment. I’m a small business so I do appreciate prompt payment! And if I’m doing your finances for you – I’ll be equally on the ball at getting your clients to pay too!

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