I had a couple of personal appointments this morning; the dentist 😐 and then a hair cut and colour 😃 but I knew that I’d have about an hour to kill between the two.

I decided that I’d treat myself by walking to the dentist and then after that, carrying on walking into town for my hair appointment. I had a bit of a wander around a couple of shops, got bored of that so decided to go and have a pot of tea. I sat at a table in my favourite place to grab brunch but just ordered a tea, I didn’t even order green tea as usual, I went full on naughty breakfast tea with normal milk!

I’d taken my Kindle so I could read it at the hair dressers and had intended to make a start on the next chapter of my book (a very good Stephen King), but decided instead to go through all the emails I’ve received recently from various software companies and read their hints, tips and blogs.

Now this isn’t something I do every day or even every week as there’s too much else to be getting on with during my working day, and at the end of the day I just want to switch off – these emails usually just get filed and forgotten about.

Actually reading them was a great decision!

I’ve now got some ideas as to how to make my email marketing more eye catching, discovered some new features in my organisational software which need to be investigated, and found a couple of free software training days which aren’t out of date and might need to be attended!

I enjoyed doing this so much that I’m thinking of making it a regular thing – some time out of my home office to have a general catch up with me!

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