What is a VA?

(In case you didn’t want to ask!)

The quick answer is a VA is a virtual assistant.

The longer answer is a VA is someone who supports you virtually without needing to be in the same office or location.

That’s not to say you’ll never meet your VA personally as sometimes you may want them to provide temporary office cover, perform physical tasks that must be done on site or even get your personal admin under control at home!

This is the major difference between a PA and a VA. I blend both depending on what my clients need.

But as the world of work has changed and technology develops in leaps and bounds, most tasks done by VAs are done virtually.

Now VA’s all have different skills and that’s why getting clear on what you need is the first step so you can make sure you pick the right one for the job!


I have worked with Lisa for the last 15 years and at all times it has been a delight. Lisa is highly skilled, diligent and always gives 100% to any project or task.



I’ve been working with Lisa for 3 months and she’s brought me instant organisation and a  much calmer life!   She created regular action lists that needed to be done every month and then got cracking with them. I pop new things on the list and they miraculously get done – it’s such a relief to have it off  my plate and onto hers and I just get the “completed” message!  

Everyone should have a Lisa!



Being a sole trader. I don’t have the luxury of having somebody in the office working for me.
Having a VA gives me the freedom to work but keeping my paperwork in order in a timely manner.



My Mission

Helping small business owners achieve improved time management by taking away the headache of time consuming day-to-day admin.

Why choose a VA?

We’re here to support you, leaving you free to do what you do best




Archiving emails

Deleting Spam

Flagging important message for follow up

Following up on sent emails

Organising subscriptions

Setting up filters


Building/managing databases

Client onboarding

Drafting communications

Updating member records

Following up on leads


Chasing payments

Sending invoices

Managing payments

Liaise with bookkeepers, accountants



Content Production

Audio or video transcription

Designing banners, headers, backgrounds

Creating memes

Topic research


Letter writing


Creating & managing forms

Creating reports

Data entry

File management

Powerpoint presentations

Setting up/updating CRM tools

Relationship management

Let's Work Together

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